Saturday, March 24, 2012

1 year older and wiser too:) Lleyton's B-day 2011

For Lleyton's B-day we took him to Green Lantern. I don't know what I was thinking. Not really appropriate for a 4 year old. My attempt to cover his eyes also made me his worst enemy.

Lleyton loves Transformers so Josh tried to make an Optimus Prime cake. We should have allotted more than 20 mins to frost it. Yes, the frosting is pink ... I had the same thought. Lleyton loves strawberry anything though, so Josh used strawberry frosting:)

Here is our cute little Green Lantern. Notice the Super Heroes shirt, yep, he loves Super Heroes.

His Optimus Prime Helmet that talks.

Lleyton and Josh with his cake.

I cannot believe this little boy is four!!! It seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home. He is a great big bother. Just today I asked him to watch Ry for me and he was happy to. He is a big help and has a huge heart. He doesn't like people to be left out, and for the most part is pretty good at sharing. He is very smart, sometimes I wonder if I am talking to a teenager or a 4 year old. He reminds me constantly he is growing big like Dad, and makes it known he is not going to stay little. Sad day, can't they stay cute and young like this forever? We sure love you buddy, you are such a great kid. Happy 4th!

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