Saturday, March 24, 2012

1 year older and wiser too:) Lleyton's B-day 2011

For Lleyton's B-day we took him to Green Lantern. I don't know what I was thinking. Not really appropriate for a 4 year old. My attempt to cover his eyes also made me his worst enemy.

Lleyton loves Transformers so Josh tried to make an Optimus Prime cake. We should have allotted more than 20 mins to frost it. Yes, the frosting is pink ... I had the same thought. Lleyton loves strawberry anything though, so Josh used strawberry frosting:)

Here is our cute little Green Lantern. Notice the Super Heroes shirt, yep, he loves Super Heroes.

His Optimus Prime Helmet that talks.

Lleyton and Josh with his cake.

I cannot believe this little boy is four!!! It seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home. He is a great big bother. Just today I asked him to watch Ry for me and he was happy to. He is a big help and has a huge heart. He doesn't like people to be left out, and for the most part is pretty good at sharing. He is very smart, sometimes I wonder if I am talking to a teenager or a 4 year old. He reminds me constantly he is growing big like Dad, and makes it known he is not going to stay little. Sad day, can't they stay cute and young like this forever? We sure love you buddy, you are such a great kid. Happy 4th!

August 10, 2011 Over the hill ...

This is my Dad, he is now officially old:)

My Dad has hit the big old 50. He thought he would get away with out much to do about it too. I don't think that's right so I made sure it would be a day he would remember. My Mom and Dad were going down to AZ to sister Jess' newborn baby Crew. My Mom was already down there and my Dad was going to leave at lunchtime on his B-day. I didn't have a choice but to embarass him at work:) Happy B-day Dad.

To be continued ...

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Anywho maybe I can catch up tomorrow. Kids are sick and need me

July 2011- Ry's B-day, and Zoo

Well, well, well, I am finally going to catch up even if takes me the whole day:) Plus he will be 3 soon and I don't want to have to post last year's b-day and this years in the same post. haha.

Rhyder turned 2, and he is obsessed with Caillou. I attempted to do a Caillou cake and we invited the fam over. My grandparents made it this year and we were happy they could come. Thanks all.

The gang.
Rhyder and his dancing Mickey Mouse. I remember when these first came out they were like almost $200.00 around Christmas time. I got so lucky and found it on clearance for $20.00!! I was so excited. He absolutely loved it. I can't believe the technology involved with toys now. They come out with the coolest things.

Okay, so he is not the most adorable little guy ever?! I am in such big trouble;)

Blowing out the Birthday candles, is a hard task for two year old, right. It ended up being lets blow spit instead of air, so we decided to have the helpful older brother come to his aid.

After cake. Must a been some good cake.

Each year we throw a party for the kids, which sometimes is just cake and ice cream and presents. They always get to pick an activity as well. The zoo was doing their promotion with the Dinosaurs so we decided to go check it out. It was soooo hot, but still fun.

The Dinosaurs were actually pretty cool, but the scared Rhyder to death. I swear I am the worst parent, I could not help but laugh that he was so scared. Rhyder is usually never scared of anything and I mean anything.

The misters, Lleyton loved them ... Rhyder not so much.

People always think they are twins. I have never been able to figure out why. I guess they could be confused for twins when I look at this picture. Rhyder is a big kid for his age and Lleyton is little and skinny. When they're sitting down they look like the same size I guess. Add the baseball caps and yea, I guess I can kinda see it.

Good golly, has anyone ever seen a giraffe eat? This was sooo cool. I had no idea their tongues are super long and black. Their food is caged, they literally stick their tongue in and get it that way. Had no idea. LOOK AT THAT TONGUE, CRAZY!

Lleyton at the big windy mister at the end. Seriously, I think he would have stayed there all day.

Rhyder's premier choice was the large marble ball with the water. We did the train ride, saw dinosaurs and lots of animals and his absolute favorite part was this thing ... really?? I think University Mall has one of these, maybe next year we'll just take him there. Haha.

When we had to leave and remove him from the ball, it was not pretty.

Oh Rhyder, how much I love you, you could never possibly know. Even when you are really naughty, I can't help but want to hold you and tell you it's okay. I don't, but it doesn't mean I don't want to. I want you to grow up a happy healthy kid. You are so funny and literally always make me laugh. You are a non-stop talker, which is adorable. You are adventurous and have no fear. You love playing with your brother and I am so glad you are mine. Mwah. Love you!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our busiest month- July:)

Indepence Day!

On the 4th of July we got up as always and went to the Freedom Parade down in Provo. It was great! Normally we save the seats and this year we didn't have to. Our seats were a lot better and our kids loved it!! They are at the perfect age for parades. They get so excited and have a blast. It is always fun seeing extended family as well. My second cousins are always there and it's always fun to see everybody's ever extending families.

After the parade we came home, and Josh took the kids on the scooter one last time. We sold it which made Lleyton sad. We knew he would be starting pre-school soon and would need the room. Plus Josh didn't drive it all that much. How happy do they look:)

We also did fireworks that night. This year was great since they made the big fireworks that go off in the sky legal. We had a firework show from every angle plus ours. It was awesome. It started to sprinkle to. But I love the rain and it wasn't enough to be annoying. Here are the boys and my Dad with the fireworks. Last year Lleyton was so afraid of them. This year they were both really into it.

Getting ready for the show.

Our Anniversary-

July 7, 2006

Our Anniversary was amazing this year!! My hubby really, really, surprised me.

I knew he had school the night of our anniversary and I was really bummed. Josh has had perfect attendance which is really important to him, so I was sure he wouldn't miss. I had asked him if he would think about it though. Pretty much on all of our anniversaries I have been pregnant or had a baby to hurry home too. We have never really gone all out. We go to dinner and then come home. I was sure we weren't doing anything. I got home fro work and Josh left to school. His mom was there because it was a Thursday and she usually comes and plays with the kids on Thursdays. Nothing out of the ordinary. A little bit after he left I had a customer with issues. I was on my phone with our engineer when I heard the door bell ring. Josh's Mom has a bad hip so I didn't want to make her go down and open it. I went down the stairs while still on the phone thinking it would be a salesman and I could just tell him it's not a good time, or someone passing out a flyer I could just take. As I went down the stairs I see Josh on one knee with Roses and a paper. I was on the phone so I couldn't just stand there and take in the moment. I tried to wrap it up and say I would call him back. Kind of ruined the moment:) Josh gave me the flowers and read me a poem. I give him such a hard time, when we were engaged he was so romantic and thoughtful. The second we got married I swear he lost all emotion and romance. This was a huge deal I haven't seen him be mushy since we were engaged. Usually if he gets me flowers he doesn't even feel out the card. Haha. I was shocked to say the least. He was all dressed up and so sweet. He gave me the flowers and then told me to hurry because we needed to leave.

As soon as we got in the car I was still getting business calls. I finally asked my engineer who is a good friend if he could handle the situation because it was my anniversary. He said yes and told me to turn my phone off. (That is really hard for me to do). We drove up to Salt Lake and had dinner at The Roof. Josh called ahead of time and reserved us a table right in front of the temple. I wish we had our camera (we did take one with Josh's phone) it was beautiful. There were more flowers on our table. He went all out. The food was amazing!! I did not expect it to be so good. To say the least it was wonderful and a huge surprise. As soon as we got to the car I turned on my phone, there was a message that said- everything is fine, if you are looking at this you have failed, you were not supposed to look at your phone! I started laughing. Josh just shook his head at me.

Sooo thankful for my husband. We have hit 5 years, wahoo! We love each other tremendously, our biggest challenge is that we are alike. Both driven, stubborn, and definitely Type A personalities. It's taught us both to give in and compromise. Josh is the most loyal person I know. He is the most hard working person I know. He is, I dare say, the most selfless person I know. He is very funny and sarcastic. It took me a bit to tell when he was teasing. I grew up in a house with no sarcasm. Anywho, I am a lucky girl and glad I married such a great guy.

Above are my flowers and poem.

July 12th is Josh's b-day. This year was his 30th and sadly this year he had school. We'll have to go all out next year. We did dinner but nothing too crazy. Here is the sign that the boys had fun making for him.

Rhyder's Birthday was July 31st but I'm going to do a separate post for his and Lleyton's b-days. One crazy expensive month I tell ya:)

Father's Day 2011

Good laws, everytime I post I tell myself I am going to do better to keep up. Sadly it is months later and I have not done so. This is my sorry attempt to catch up. Since I don't scrap book I figure one day I can put this in a book to document their lives:) Josh however laughs at that and says, just be sure not to give it to them as a gift:) Thanks honey, I'll keep that in mind.

We'll Start with June and I will do separate posts for each. It is to hard to keep things in order doing it in one post. The pics get all mixed up.


Of course in June was Father's Day. Josh is such an amazing Dad. If he wasn't so amazing with the kids I would never have agreed to go back to work. I feel at ease knowing he is at home with them. He is a kid at heart and they have so much fun. I knew he was good with kids, but really he takes it to a whole nother level. My kids adore him. Whenever I say I love you to Lleyton he says, I love you Mom and Dad too. He can never leave out his Dad. Pretty much everything he wants Josh to do. He wants Josh to brush his teeth, his hair, buckle him. Pretty much anything he needs/wants help with he wants Josh to do. He is definitely a Daddy's boy.

We went over to my parents for Father's Day as well. We all know my Dad hates pink and will never wear it. We decided as a joke to get him a pink columbia shirt, that was not his real gift. When we gave it to him he totally acted like he liked it, so much so that I wondered. However I could not keep a straight face. I asked if I could get a picture of him and the kids for Father's Day so we have it documented. All the while trying not to laugh I was sure he knew it was a joke. After I took the picture I got out his real gift. Then he admitted he doesn't like pink but knew Columbia is an expensive brand. I was totally surprised he couldn't tell it was a joke.

Here he is with Lleyton and Rhyder in his favorite shirt:)

So folks that's June in a nutshell. Or at least the highlights I can remember.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best Fitness Tool Ever ...

I just discovered my new favorite fitness tool. I am trying to lose weight and this website is amazing and free!! It is

Love it! You can put in any food and it will tell you the calories and the nutritional facts. It tracks your weight loss and tells you what you need to do to meet your fitness goals. It allows you to track what you're eating and will project your weight loss if you continue to eat how you're eating. There is so many things you can do from this web site. I was absolutely amazed that is free.